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My name is Lee Knight and I started Knights Fitness to help people like you!

I have a Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training REPS Level 3 and a certificate in Advanced Nutrition and Weight Loss, however my true qualification is that I have been in your ‘shoes’. Having battled with my weight for years, I have now lost 4 stone in weight and 10 % body fat, steadily and safely over the last 2 years.

The top picture is in April 2014 and the bottom picture is me having completed the London Marathon in April 2016. Yes they are the same person! The silly thing is I don’t ever remember being that big!

I can help YOU achieve these kinds of results!

I know I can use my journey to INSPIRE other people to change the way they think
about food and exercise and so go on to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

I am now so passionate about caring for my body, I want to help people care for their own…. You want to stay on the planet a bit longer, right?

Lee Knight of Knights Fitness
To Change Your Life


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PT Certificate
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First Aid Certificate
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Lee Knight London Marathon
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